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MISSION: To lead an educational partnership with the Community, maintaining an environment that challenges all students to reach their potential as lifelong learners and responsible members of society.

Reopening Of Schools FAQs

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Bethel Park School District 


Frequently Asked Questions

Resources are available at kenyakongonis.com --Guidance for Phased Reopening of Schools and on each building webpage including the Schoology tab.

This resource will be updated each Friday during the Covid-19 Pandemic


What instructional model are we using and why?

As we move forward, The Bethel Park plan of how we are educating our students during the Covid-19 Pandemic encompases three stages: 

  • Total Remote learning-all students are online  

  • Hybrid-some students are in school, some at at home 

  • In-person-most are in school, others have chosen to remain remote  

These stages can be implemented at any time during this school year based on the data and guidance we receive.  The guidance we are using is available on the Pennsylvania Department of Education Website at:    Weekly, the Health Department releases the “Level of Community Transmission Table” that provides a recommendation of the instructional model to employ.  When given options of the model, the Bethel Park School District will look at local information from other schools, our incidences directly in Bethel Park, and the number of people under the age of 18 in the county who have tested positive. 

When will I have to decide what instructional model my child will attend once the option exists? 

    A google form will be sent to all families the week of September 7, 2020.  The form will need to be returned by Friday, September 11, 2020.

Parent Tutorial as how to access Schoology:

     This guide is available by going to the Bethel Park School District website at

kenyakongonis.com, at the bottom of the page click on Schoology and then Schoology Parent Guide.  There are other resources available from each school’s website under the tab “Schoology”

Can my child move from remaining remote (virtual) to the Hybrid Model (or vice versa) or are we locked in to our choice for a particular time period?

Students will be able to switch from remaining in the remote model to the hybrid model/in school model (or vice versa) only at the quarter end.(9 weeks)  Parents are required to inform the school 1 week prior to the end of the 9 weeks with their intention to switch.  This notification is necessary for planning or social distancing, transportation, etc. 

How are hybrid groups determined?

    Hybrid groups are established by last name based on the number of students who are coming into school to be able to meet the 6 foot social distance guideline.  Household members, even if they have different last names, should be attending on the same days.

Can I request to change my child’s scheduled days?

    No, only those living in the same household with different last names will be permitted to be changed.

Will my child have to move out of their classroom after they arrive at school?

Yes, classroom movement will be limited, but the students will be moving throughout the day.

Will there be a delay to the start of school day?

No, school will start and end at normal times with no delays or early releases outside of what is included in the school calendar.

Attending school two days a week is very difficult for working parents, why did you change the initial approved plan?

After the school district approved its original Return to School Health and Safety Plan much has changed.  In addition to mandated mitigation from Governor Wolf and increasing COVID -19 cases, the  on July 16, 2020 as to a phased reopening.  Upon review of this new guidance it was determined that to maximize the safety of our students and staff, the administration recommended a phase in plan.  The District is committed to the full return of face-to-face instruction five days a week, but only if the circumstances allow for it.  For parents who wish to not have their child in school during the pandemic, a full remote option is also available.  

If we choose the remote option, will my child have to log in at the exact time class is starting?

While this may be the  preferred way to have your child engaged with their teacher and peers sitting in the classroom, a teacher’s lesson may be recorded for future viewing and your child can watch the lesson at a later time.  A child will be counted present for their class when they log in to the course and complete the required assignments on a daily basis.

Does my child have to sit in their remote classroom all day?

No, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has not relaxed or modified our attendance requirements as they had done this past spring.  When a child logs in to their courses and completes the required assignments on a daily basis, they will be considered to be in attendance.  Teachers will guide the instruction and provide opportunities for students to complete work and take breaks away from the screen.

Will my child’s attendance be recorded?

    Yes, attendance will be recorded on a daily basis and may also be recorded by class.

When can I contact my child’s teacher?

You may contact your child’s teacher by email or by calling the school during normal school hours.  Teachers usually respond within 24 hours.

Does my child have to wear a face covering?

    Yes, your child must wear a face covering throughout the day.  Current guidelines require a mask to be worn in all public areas.


Students may remove face coverings when they are:

  • Eating or drinking when spaced at least 6 feet apart; or

  • When wearing a face covering creates an unsafe condition in which to operate equipment or execute a task; or

  • At least 6 feet apart during “face-covering breaks” to last no longer than 10 minutes.

What if my child has a medical excuse stating they cannot wear a face covering?

Schools must require all students over 2 years of age to wear face coverings, except for any student who has a documented medical or mental health condition or disability that precludes the wearing of a face covering in school. Schools may require such students to provide medical documentation. PDE recommends that any documentation that is provided be in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or IDEA of such medical or mental health conditions or disability. 


Will teachers have to wear a face covering?

Yes, all school employees will have to wear a face covering, including your child’s teachers, bus driver, custodian, secretary, etc.


How will buses be sanitized between runs?

Buses will be sanitized daily with an atomizing disinfectant sprayer.  High touch areas will be wiped after each run.  

Will multiple kids sit in the same seat?

Depending on how many students ride the bus, students may have to sit with other students. The

Bethel Park School District will have no more than 2 students per seat.  Our goal is to have 1 student

in a seat if possible.  

    Students will be assigned seats. 

We cannot guarantee social distance with more than 12 students on a 72 passenger bus.  

Students from the same family will be asked to sit together.

    Students who are able to get a ride to school will greatly help with distancing on the school bus. 

What are the procedures for pickup and drop off if I am providing transportation for my child to and from school?

Principals will provide procedures to be followed.  These may differ from previous years so as to provide social distance and address potential traffic concerns.

Can students drive to school?

Parking passes are available through the normal procedure at the High School.


Will Chromebooks be traveling back and forth to school with the students choosing hybrid?

Yes, chromebooks (grades 1-12) and Ipads (K) have been assigned to students and should accompany the student when attending in person.   

Is there any advantage to having the school Chromebook over a home laptop/ computer? Such as having things loaded on it that I wouldn’t be on a home device?

Yes, some apps are loaded through our management system.  However, they can be downloaded off the online “store” through the APP Store or Google Play.  

When students arrive at school, will they be going straight to the classroom or meeting in a common area until directed to classrooms? 

Yes, students will go straight to their classroom.  Please adhere to the building opening times so we mitigate gathering and adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

How will the schedule change if there is a day off during the remote or hybrid instructional model?

We will adjust the schedule at times to make sure all students receive instruction throughout the week.  Changes will be published prior to the week affected.  An example of this change occurred the first week of school.

How will the schedule change if there is a day off during the remote or hybrid instructional model?

We will adjust the schedule at times to make sure all students receive instruction throughout the week.  Changes will be published prior to the week affected.  An example of this change occurred the first week of school.

 When are Open Houses being held?

    Open Houses are postponed at all buildings at this time.


Will there be temperature checks? Process/procedure?

Prior to sending your child to school each morning, the following  must be asked as recommended by the PA Department of Health.  Follow the guidelines below to determine, each day, whether it is safe for your child to attend school in person or whether they should remain at home and participate remotely.


*If the response is ‘yes’ to any of the screening questions in Section I, the child cannot attend in-person school.  If the response to all questions is ‘no’ proceed to Section 2.



Has anyone in the home tested positive or suspected of having COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

Has anyone in the home had contact within the last 14 days with someone with or under investigation for COVID-19?

Are you awaiting the results of COVID-19 Test?

Is the student taking any medication to treat or reduce a fever such as Ibuprofen (i.e. Advil, Motrin) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol)?




Group A (If the child has 1 or more symptoms from this group, the child is not to attend in-person school on this day.)

  • Fever 100.4°or higher

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

  • Difficulty breathing

Group B (If the child has 2 or more symptoms from this group, the child is not to attend in-person school on this day.)

  • Sore throat

  • Runny nose/congestion

  • Chills

  • New lack of smell or taste

  • Muscle pain

  • Nausea of Vomiting

  • Headache

  • Diarrhea

Teachers will monitor students for symptoms.  Anyone exhibiting symptoms will be sent to the nurse’s office and screened, including a temperature check.

The district will not be conducting daily temperature checks of all students.


What is the return to school protocol if they have a fever?

Staff and students with fever or symptoms that may be associated with COVID-19 and no known direct exposure to a person with COVID-19 may return to school when they are asymptomatic and have been fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine or have confirmation of an alternative diagnosis from a health care provider that explains the COVID-19-like symptom(s).

What is the protocol for notifying families of students and any staff member who tests positive for Covid?

The Department of Health will provide guidance to schools regarding disease information, appropriate letters and communications, identification of high-risk individuals, appropriate action and treatment, and on-going support and assistance.

What will be the cleaning procedure for schools and classrooms after someone tests positive for Covid?

Buildings and classrooms  are disinfected daily.  If we are notified that a student or staff member tested positive and was at school that day, we will follow the guidance issued by the Department of Education and the Department of Health: Wait at least 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting. If not feasible, wait as long as possible. If seven days have passed since the sick individual was in the affected area, cleaning is not needed.

Will the district be providing antibacterial hand sanitizer in classrooms?

    Yes, portable hand sanitizer stations will be available in all buildings, in lunchrooms and in classrooms.

Children are permitted to bring their own hand sanitizer.  Each classroom will have hand sanitizer.

Will 100% remote learners receive any materials such as books, workbooks, etc.?

Yes, remote learners will receive the same school materials and supplies as those choosing the in school model including hybrid.  If you need required materials and supplies please contact your child’s school.

Will the district be providing antibacterial hand sanitizer in classrooms?

    Yes, portable hand sanitizer stations will be available in all buildings, in lunchrooms and in classrooms.

Children are permitted to bring their own hand sanitizer.  Each classroom will have hand sanitizer.

What is the bathroom process/procedure for keeping distance and monitoring?

    Social distancing guidelines will be maintained in the bathrooms.

What will be the involvement, restrictions and rules for PTA, PTO and other organizations during this year?

    Parent groups will be limited, due to regulations on visitors and size of groups gathering in schools.


What changes to the curriculum and instruction that can we expect during the 20-21 school year?

    To minimize spread, the following modifications have been made to the typical curriculum:



Grade Band


Cleaning of Equipment

Physical Education

K - 12

Social distancing must be met

Outside activities are encouraged, weather dependent

Remote activities must be planned for remote learners

No changing for PE

Locker rooms closed

After each use

General Music

K - 8

Social distancing 

Outside instruction when possible.

After each use


Social distancing

Smaller class for wind instruments

After each use



Social Distancing


Field Trips

K - 12

None, until further notice

Academic Competitions

K - 12

TBD with preference given to Virtual Events


Playground equipment

K - 6

Will occur with social distancing and small groups

Have students and staff wash their hands or use hand-sanitizer before and after being on the playground.

School Supplies:

Scissors, glue, crayons, etc.

K - 12

Typical school supplies will be provided to each student to use on their own

Only used by individual child or wiped clean after use


Will my child be offered Special Education services and Related Services in accordance with his/her IEP?

Yes, each student with a disability will be provided with Special Education services,
including Related Services, identified in their IEP to the greatest extent possible.  These services may be provided as in-person services or as virtual services.

What are the educational programming options for students who receive Special Education services?

Students with IEPs will receive the same educational programming options as their peers which would include a hybrid model (2 days/week in-person & 3 days/week remote) or remote model (5 days/week remote).  Students in Bethel Park’s Autistic Support or Life Skills Support programs will have an additional option of 4 days/week in-person.

Will my child’s IEP meetings be held in-person or virtually?

Virtually, at this time, all IEP meetings will be held virtually due to health and safety guidelines for social distancing.



I don’t have a device for my child to access their assignments.  What can I do?

Please contact your child’s building principals and they will assign a chromebook to your child.  

Can students use their bphawks email accounts for personal use?

Due to security settings, students cannot use their email address to email outside of the organization or receive outside emails.  Therefore, it cannot be used for personal use.  

What learning platform will my child be using?

    K - 4 will use Google and/or Schoology

    5 - 12 will use Schoology

My child is working off of a device with no camera/microphone for virtual meetings

Your child’s district assigned chromebook is equipped with a camera and microphone.  If you need to request to borrow a device, please contact your child’s building administrator. 

What do I do if I do not have access to WiFi?

    Many internet providers are providing free or modified internet services.  Please contact your child’s

school to discuss potential “hot spots” available.

How do I log in to a chromebook?


My chromebook stopped working.  What should I do?

    Contact your building paraprofessional and/or building principal to troubleshoot the problem.

    Paraprofessional contact information:

Building                      Paraprofessional             Email

Ben Franklin                Jeff Blanc                          blanc.jeffrey@bphawks.org 

Abraham Lincoln         Erin Lisak                           lisak.erin@bphawks.org 

William Penn               Aimee Lannis                     lannis.aimee@bphawks.org 

Bethel Memorial          Nancy Clements                clements.nancy@bphawks.org 

George Washington    Lori Lauffer                        lauffer.lori@bphawks.org 

Neil Armstrong            Nicole Schlater                  schlater.nicole@bphawks.org 

Independence MS       Jane Marroni                     marroni.jane@bphawks.org 

Bethel Park HS           Jenni Kutrufis                     kutrufis.jennifer@bphawks.org

                                    Jan Sterrett                        sterrett.janet@bphawks.org

My personal chromebook is not working, can Bethel Park help me figure out what’s wrong?

Bethel Park’s technology department is only able to troubleshoot district owned chromebooks/devices.


In order to limit contact, the preferred method of payment for school lunches will be through online deposits made by 

Breakfast and Lunches may be available daily to all students on a signup basis during remote instruction. More details will be forthcoming.

How will lunches be handled?  Will you be able to maintain social distancing?

    All students will maintain social distance walking to cafeterias and in the lunch line. 

Students will be seated 6’ apart while eating lunch.

A child will be permitted to remove their face covering while eating, but must put it back on after finishing eating.

Where will my child have lunch when we return to school? 

In most schools, students will eat lunch in the cafeteria.  A few of the schools will be utilizing alternative spaces in addition to the cafeteria to provide more room for social distancing.

Will lunch be at the same time, or is this being scheduled differently?

    Lunches will be served at traditional time periods.


I have not turned in my child’s medical and dental forms.  What shall I do?

Forms can be mailed to the school or submitted to the appropriate school nurse.

When can I contact the school nurse? 

    You may contact the school nurse by contacting the school during regular school hours via the phone or email.

What will happen if my child has Covid-19 symptoms during school?

    Your child will be evaluated and placed in a secluded room and you will be contacted to pick your child up from school. The isolation room will be deep cleaned per Department of Health recommendations. Please make sure your health forms are up to date and list all people permitted to pick up your child.