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Animoto Book Trailers

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For the past month, students in Mrs. Katelyn Gensler’s seventh-grade reading class have been working diligently to create promotional trailers for various books they’ve read.  The object of the assignment has been for students to convince their classmates to read the books they are promoting.
Mrs. Gensler and Independence Middle School librarian, Ms. Patricia Heasley have taught the students how to create their videos using the design website, Animoto. The key tenets have focused on the trailers having a beginning, middle, and end; how to be concise; and to match the tone of their book. 

 According to Gensler, the project has been a big hit with her students because it has offered them an opportunity to creatively express their interest in a book of their choosing while demonstrating the literary devices they have learned throughout the year.
“This project has required a lot of work on our students’ part,” she said.  “However, it’s a very engaging assignment, so they never seemed to mind it.”

 As part of their trailers, students were encouraged to use photos and text to introduce the characters, plot, and theme of the story. They capped off their projects by inserting music into the trailer to mimic the mood of the book and most importantly, they tried to end it with a hook that would capture the interest and imagination of any potential readers.
 To see the final products, visit the Independence Middle School home page on the district’s website.