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Where in the World is Mrs. Clancy?

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This year, Bethel Park students are not in our buildings as much as they typically have been in the past. However, one particularly creative first grade teacher has found a way to turn that challenge into an adventure of her students’ imagination.
 Each Friday, students in Mrs. PeggyAnn Clancy's first grade class at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School enjoy an exercise called, "Where in the World is Mrs. Clancy?”  The program, which is delivered through Schoology via a green screen, has so far virtually taken her and her students to New York City, Paris, Rome, Stonehenge, Mt. Rushmore, and for Halloween week, Transylvania!
The students guess Clancy’s location based on a set of clues she offers, including the background scenery. The idea is to expose them to different destinations around the world and perhaps inspire them to want to learn more about a particular location that interests them. Each episode typically includes historical information, geography, and trivia about each destination. 

Click below to see Mrs. Clancy’s “visit” to Transylvania: